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Chapter Two: In what Devotion to Mary consists
1. Basic principles of devotion to Our lady
2. Marks of false and authentic devotion to Mary
3. Principal Practices of Devotion to our lady
4. The Perfect Practice

Chapter Three: The Perfect Consecration to Jesus Christ
1. A Complete Consecration to Mary
2. A Perfect Renewal of Baptismal Promises

Chapter Four: Motives which recommend this Devotion
1. By it we give ourselves completely to God
2. It helps us to imitate Christ
3. It obtains many blessings from our Lady
4. It is an excellent means of giving glory to God

5. It leads to union with our Lord
6. It gives liberty of spirit
7. It is of great benefit to our neighbour
8. It is a wonderful means of perseverance

Chapter Five: Biblical Figure of this Perfect Devotion: Rebecca and Jacob
Chapter Six: Wonderful Effects of this Devotion
1. Knowledge of our unworthiness
2. A share in Mary's faith
3. The gift of pure love
4. Great Confidence in God and in Mary
5. Communication of the spirit of Mary
6. Transformation into the likeness of Jesus
7. The greater glory of Christ
Chapter Seven: Particular Practices of this Devotion

1. Exterior practices
2. Special interior practices

This Devotion at Holy Communion


True Devotion to Mary according to St. Louis De Montfort and other Recommended Readings

Compiled by Billy de Goat

An Old and Divine Holiness: True Devotion to Mary according to St. Louis De Montfort:

I present you with a deep, powerful and highly-fruitful spirituality that is fully approved by the Church. It�s a simple spirituality. You only need to read two writings: True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin (also called True Devotion to Mary) and a letter called The Secret of Mary, in that order. The rest of the Montfort�s books will only deepen your devotion. Re-reading is encouraged.

Most of the following books are FREE Online books that you can read with any Internet Browser, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Netscape Navigator. No special software is needed. Just click on the link to read. Multiple links are provided as Mirror sites.

1. Beginner�s Level Montfortian Readings:

2. Intermediate Level Montfortian readings:

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